Barefooting: percorsi a piedi nudi

Barefooting: percorsi a piedi nudi

Camminare a piedi nudi sull’erba fresca e ruscelli di montagna è una delle tendenze di quest’estate. Ma non è solo una moda, perché i benefici sono molteplici. Vi raccontiamo quali sono.

Scopri il Barefooting e i suoi percorsi a piedi nudi

Walking barefoot , without shoes or socks. Simply this is the barefooting (in Italian the technical term is gimnopodismo).

It is a practice born in New Zealand , but then spread Throughout the world, Although its origins are even remote More: Sebastian Kneipp, a Bavarian Already in 800 Abbot advised to walk immersed in warm and then cold water to stimulate circulation and feeling graceful: whence the namesakes paths.

The initial goal is to regain its freedom and its relationship with nature.

The barefooting acquires meaning and generates benefits only if it is Practiced in natural places : freshly cut grass, the seashore or in Particular mountain streams. The most important thing is to practice barefooting safe : walk barefoot in unknown locations can result in various cuts and wounds, with the danger of infections. For this reason it is good to know the trails and walk in the company in an ad hoc paths (there are many to Ischiez near Moena in Val di Fassa, in the Ahr Valley, in Trentino) or known territories and safe.

We asked Maria Saraceno, trainer specializing in barefooting paths, what are the benefits of this practice and That We list here in 4 points.

1 – It promotes inner balance

The contact with nature helps to Recognize Their feelings and concerns and thoughts live with more detachment. Also focus on the steps while walking does focus attention on the gesture and helps the mind to work without distractions.

2 – Acts on postures and leg sull’affaticamento

Walking barefoot helps to Strengthen the muscles of the ankles and calves and improve coordination and balance of the body.

The barefoot movement Also improves circulation and helps to counteract water retention, responsible for swelling and fatigue in the legs, feet and ankles.

3 – Against Stress

When you walk barefoot it is easier to pay attention to every single step : detaches the mind from negative thoughts and you focus only on the sensations you feel. Be aware of what you are doing helps to clear the mind thoughts and concerns and to restore calm and relief.

4 – Improves sleep and circulation

According to recent studies UCI University of California Irvine, the walk barefoot has a positive effect on the circulation and sleep, as it stimulates the endorphins, also called “happy hormones”, ie substances released by the brain That help relaxation.

5 – Combats aging

Also according to Functional Functional Functional the UCI study, walk barefoot counters the production of free radicals, Mainly responsible for aging, Strengthening the immune system.

In short, a lot of benefits and advantages for your body and the psycho-physical state.

Have You Already taken off his shoes?